Past Projects

Here are some of our past projects that will show the range of clients we have worked with over the years.  Most of these include design and installation, but we are also interested in bidding on installing a system designed by others.  Venues include auditoriums, clubs, banquet facilities, houses of worship, schools, and more.

Banquet Facility: GSI designed a high quality system for a 35,000-square foot banquet facility (new construction) with 3 large ballrooms and 2 smaller meeting rooms. Used for wedding, meetings, parties, and corporate events. We designed and installed a 6 zone system consisting of 166 flush-mount model 32 speakers, 6 wireless lavalier and 6 wireless handheld mics, Rane controllers for zoning, several line mixers, and 4 Sony 50+1 CD players.

1400-seat auditorium: used for North Shore Symphony Orchestra, theatrical productions, and various other musical events. We designed and installed a system including 8 Bose 502 panaray speakers, 2 502B subwoofer, 10 Bose 32 ceiling speaker (under-balcony delays), Tascam M3700 32-channel console, 1 Crown Macrotech 2400, 5 Crown Microtech 1200, 2 Crown ComTech 400, Telex com system, Digidesign Pro Tools system with Macintosh computer for control room recording/editing.

Restaurant: 160-seat Nuevo Latino Restaurant with dance floor and DJ system. Bar area holds 100+ people. We designed and installed a sound system for the dance floor area and an American DJ Virtual Lighting system on custom-made round aluminum lighting truss, DJ monitor system, dual CD players, CD burner, control rack with digital EQ, 4-channel compressor, and a wireless hand-held microphone. In the bar area, we installed 2 Bose systems, 12 JBL Control One surface mount wall speakers, and 100 CD jukebox. We also installed outdoor speakers, and the music on hold system.


Contemporary Christian Performance Center:  We designed and installed a flown system including 2 EAW M8660EX, 2 SB600E subs, Mackie M2600, 2/ M1400 power amps, Yamaha SM115 and SM112 monitors, Behringer 24X4 console, house rack with Lexicon, and Behringer, including a DSP8024 digital EQ/ feedback suppressor. Plus a full complement of stage mics and wireless mics, Sony video projector.

1200-seat auditorium for theater, dance and national award-winning jazz ensemble: We delivered and installed a system designed by OWP&P, which included 6 Renkus-Heinz SR7/6, 6 Crown K-2, Crown CT410, Sound Web, Behringer DSP8024, 2 Lexicon MPX100, 1 MDX4400 compressor, Marantz PMD350 CD/Cassette, full complement of Stage microphones, plus 8 Shure UC14/83 wirless lav mics/handled, Mackie SR32X4, Shure antennae distribution UA400 and UA830, 4 Audio-Technica 4033 recording mics, 2 EAW MS20 monitors, Clear-com communication system, 28 Bose 25 (70-volt surface mount speakers for backstage feed), Yamaha SM115 monitors.

School auditorium: 830-seat auditorium used for vocal choir (award-winning vocal jazz group performed at Montreaux recently), theatrical productions, and orchestral performances with full recording capabilities. We delivered and installed a system designed by Shen Milsom Wilke. The equipment included: 8 JBL 2360 series horns, 3 EAW TD412 cabinets, 6 JBL Control 25 speakers (delay/surround), Yamaha M3000-40 channel console, 3 BSS Sound Webs, 11 Crown amps including MT600/1200/CP660, Furman sequential power system, Clear-com communication system, a 24-channel Samson UHF 6 wireless (headset/handheld) system with antennae distribution, Sennheiser hearing-assist system, 24 tracks of Tascam DA78 digital multitrack recorders, and a Digidesign Pro Tools system with Apple computer and peripherals.